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I believe I found the secret everybody's looking for
I found the something that was missing, found my something more
A love that's really real, the only love that's truly true
There's not a moment I don't want to be with You

Every day and every night
Every night I find my way
By the light of Your love
You're like nothing else
And I can't help myself

Whenever we're together
I'm overjoyed over all You do
And my heart is Yours forever
For always I'll be overjoyed over You

Trouble's gonna come and trouble's gonna go, I know it's true
What does it matter, Lord, as long as I can run to You
But for Your grace, where would I be in this crazy life
You give me joy that I could never hide

You're the song in my soul
You make me strong
You make me whole
Lord, I know why I'm here
Now it's coming clear

Yours forever

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